Company's Profile

Grand Study Education was founded in Sydney, November 2013. We are committed to provide educational information and wishing all the international student around the worlds especially International student in Australia will get the right information about their study, right to stay in Australia and helping them out with any difficulties.

Our Company Value Ethical Conform to professional standards of conduct:

With Grand Study Education we believe that they will get a better future with us. we are giving better advice, work, actions, and behaviors to attain our business results. if student have a clear idea of their career, goals, and the type of course that they are interested, we are very happy to assist our student especially in Australia. To achieve organizational goals and objectives and enhance customer satisfaction, quality is fundamental to all operations across the organization. Our commitment to quality complements is highlighted by our values which are creativity, passion, collaboration and integrity.

Grand Study Education consists of our mission is about the Success will be measured by our clients choosing us because of their belief in our ability to meet or exceed their expectations of price, service, and expertise. We consider that knowledge is a power, trust, commitment, Responsible As a big company, we are succeeding and we look forward to more successes in the coming years. We therefore invite you to join us so that you may share in our wonderful experience.

Grand Study Education dedicated team of experienced professionals with many combined years' of experience within education, training, consulting and management. We are a forward thinking Company and we employ and reward forward thinking people. As a business, we believe in quality service and professional delivery- this is reflected in our Company structure and policy which defines success via agreed key performance indicators that we are accountable for and therefore give our clients confidence in our ability to deliver.

Our objective is to assist our students to achieve their educational, social, and personal goals. By providing them with an entirely personalised and professional service, we direct our clients towards an outstanding education in Australia's leading institutions. We focus on individual’s aim, then providing the most proficient and value-added services to match widely ranges of universities and colleges to particular needs.

We show respect for our clients and partners by being open, truthful and honest in all of our business dealings. We will be very happy to give more information if needed, please send an email or call to our office (02)9264 6457 for more information, our friendly staff will be very happy to help.

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